I Run To You Trail - Maggia

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La mia corsa per il tuo sorriso

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I run to you trail

iscrizioni aperte 2018

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The love of running

Scegli il tuo percorso

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The love of running

Scegli il tuo percorso


Welcome to
I run to you trail

I Run To You Trail - Results 2017



In collaboration with I Run To You was founded a charity in March 2013. The proceeds will be donated to the association that engages in beneficial actions around the world. As the first in Switzerland, this race is a running trail in stages extended over three days. A race that takes place in our mountains, among pristine trails where nature will offer you impressive and very suggestive sceneries. All three stages will take place in Valle Maggia and each with its own charm; a unique experience where you feel like being between heaven and earth.
This run is open to every runner who has turned 18 by the beginning of the stage.
3 stages completely different to each other.
The organizing committee is composed as follows: Maciariello Nicola - President and founder of I Run To You and I Run To You Trail. Since 2013 Maciariello dedicates his passion to beneficial actions with the motto "my run for your smile".
Alan Hofer - Responsible tracks
Claudia Guidali - Logistics Manager.



I RUN TO YOU TRAIL - 29/6 - 01/07/2018



Stage 23.2 Km on Friday June 29rd, 2018 CHF 60 .-

  • Starter package
  • Maccheronata

- Stage 14 Km on Friday June 29rd, 2018 CHF 30 .-

  • Starter package
  • Maccheronata

Stage 41.1 Km Saturday June 30rd, 2018 CHF 70 .- MAX NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 400

  • Starter package
  • Participation medal
  • After rac meal

- Stage Team 41.1 Km Saturday June 30rd, 2018 CHF 120 .- MAX NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 400

  • Starter package
  • Participation medal
  • After rac meal

Stage Km Vertical Sunday July 1th, 2018 CHF 35 .- MAX NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 200

  • Starter package
  • Tasting of local products
  • Pasta

Fee for all 3 stages CHF 150.-
  • Race pack
  • After rac meal

race packet guaranteed by registration up to 15.05.2018

Bank details

I Run To You Trail
Raiffeisen Maggia
Via Cantonale 6673 Maggia (CH)
IBAN: CH89 8033 5000 0018 9454 3


stage information


How to arrive at Coglio.

Various flight connections to Milan or Lugano, Switzerland.

Train from Milan
Destination Locarno, Switzerland

Destination Locarno


Programs packages & prices

It is a trail running race in stages. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere that distinguishes it will allow you to get closer to this discipline with the right approach to safety and in good company. For those already experienced and competitive, arises an opportunity to compete in a landscape where wildness still predominates.

ART. 1

The I Run To You Trail is a 3-stage Trailrun taking place in 3 consecutive days; each runner can choose to participate on one, two or on all tree stages.

ART. 2

The timing service will be performed by the timekeeper team Performance Timing. For each stage an overall ranking will be drawn up and athletes will be divided into following categories:
  • Category men
  • Category women

Art. 3

All racetracks have been tested, marked and inspected by the organization.

Art. 4

I run to you has signed a third party liability policy, however, it is mandatory for every competitor to own a personal travel and medical insurance policy.

ART. 5

Just for 14 Km, 23 Km, 41 Km.
The tracks covered in the race will always have to be performed in semi self-sufficiency by the runners. Therefore each competitor will be required for each stage to be in possession of
  • His personalized bib number, provided by the organization, which will have to be attached outwardly and to the front of a sweater or jacket. The bib number should always be seen in all its dimensions (only on race days).
  • A water bottle or similar with a minimum water capacity of 1,0 liter.
  • A windbreaker
  • A hat
  • Food reserves at their own discretion.
  • A survival blanket.
  • A whistle
  • Trail hiking or running shoes (mandatory)

Are mandatory

  • Trail hiking or running shoes are mandatory.
  • A check of the required material will be made at the beginning of each day.
  • Hiking poles are considered optional gear.
A check of the required material will be carried out at the beginning of each day. Hiking poles are considered optional gear It is the participants' responsibility to bring enough food reserves for each stage (we suggest to bring supplies from your own country). There will be food and water supplies during each single days.

ART. 6

Checkpoints and surprise checks during the race are to be expected. At which point runners must have their bib stamped and sign the sheet of transit.

ART. 7

The organizing committee reserves the right at any time to change the race paths, the chronological order of the stages and departure times.

ART. 8

Participating contestants at the competition authorize the organizing committee and the press to use and publish images and photos taken during the race.

ART. 9

The race pack can be collected on Wednesday 27 June from 5,00 p.m. to 9,00 p.m. at Via la Campagna 12 in Maggia. The race briefings will take place 30 minutes before each stage at the start area.

ART. 10

The tracks will be signposted. Contestants are not allowed to leave the marked route. Signposts, where available, will be colored ribbons and / or orange arrow indicators.

ART. 11

Contestants participate to the race fully aware of the risks the performance of such training entails. Participants take part on their own responsibility; the organization accepts no liability in the event of death, accident or physical weaknesses.

ART. 12

Participants must strictly follow the instructions of the organizers throughout the training. Programs and schedules must be respected, and one's position within a group determined during training days should be maintained.

During official race days, reasons for disqualification are:

  • Missing stamp on bib number at the departure line or at a checkpoint on the track.
  • Missing of one or more materials as required by Art. 5;
  • Usage of a mean of transportation;
  • Unauthorized assistance;
  • Littering outside of the predetermined refreshment areas
  • Refusal to be examined at any time of the race by doctors prearranged by the organization;
  • Positive results at anti-doping test. Those test will be submitted to any contestant (selected randomly) during or at the arrival of each stage;
  • Insults or threats to members of the organization or misconduct or dangerous behavior at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

ART. 13

Upon registration, contestants acknowledge that they are aware of the regulations and accept all the terms. All complaints must be submitted within one hour of the end of one's race together with a CHF 50.-- / € 50.00 deposit, which will be returned if the complaint is accepted.
The Organizing Committee is composed as follows:
  • Nicola Maciariello - President and referee
  • Claudia Guidali - Member
  • Alan Hofer - Member
  • CAS - Responsible safety on the race paths


During race days will be installed a number of refreshing areas with at disposition water, salt, coca cola, energy bars and gels. Contestants must remember to refill their water containers with at least one 1L after each refueling.
It is forbidden to litter along the entire itinerary. PENALTY: DISQUALIFICATION (Art.12)


Medical assistance will be insured at the start and finish line of each stage while during the race, assistance will be provided by CAS.
Massage service to be available (admission with fee).
Broom wagon to be available.


- Will be awarded the top three male and female contestants of the general rankings of each three stages.
Will be awarded the top three male and female contestants of the general rankings of each three stages.

I Run To You Trail


I run to you trail

Wednesday June 27, 2018

Collect bib number from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm In Via la campagna in Maggia

Friday June 29, 2018 (max time 6 hours)

First stage 23.2 Km Maggia - Coglio (altitude difference 2419 m) First stage 14 Km Maggia - Coglio
  • 7.00- 7.30 am registration on the day of the race and collection of the race pack
  • 7:00 am Adversaries meeting in Maggia
  • 7:30 am Briefing
  • 8:00 am Start
  • 1:00 pm "Maccheronata" at the sports center of Coglio
  • 2:00 pm Prize giving ceremony

Saturday June 30, 2018 (max time 10 hours)

Second stage 41.1 Km Giumaglio Center - Bivio Pozzasc (altitude difference 3592 m)
  • 6:00- 6.30 am registration on the day of the race and collection of the race pack
  • 6:00 am Adversaries meeting
  • 6:30 am Briefing
  • 7:00 am Start
  • 2:00 pm Lunch
  • 4:00 pm Prize giving ceremony and finishing party

Sunday July 1, 2018

Third stage Vertical Km (4.4 km) Gordevio -Monti of Brunescio
Record to beat 35.05 minutes (Hanhart Urs 1988) - Winning prize CHF 700. -
  • 8:30- 9.30 am registration on the day of the race and collection of the race pack
  • 9:00 am Adversaries meeting
  • 9:30 am Briefing
  • 10:00 am Departure
  • 12:00 pm Tasting of local products (weather permitting)
  • 12.30 am Pasta
  • 2:30 pm Prize giving ceremony
The organizing committee reserves the right at any time to change departures times, distances of the race paths and location of the stages.


Send us an email and register.

I Run To You Trail

Please send an email with requested documents to the following address: iruntoyoutrail@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Frequently Asked Questions

No, in Switzerland a medical certificate is not required to take part in a run. The runner certifies his health and ability to deal with a race and have to assume the risks. A medical examination is recommended but not mandatory.
- No, every runner must be insured individually with an accident insurance that covers sports events and as well search and rescue operations (for example, by helicopter). Every country has different laws and clauses regarding this issue and so each participant has to verify through the responsible office, his insurance coverage. An accident might occur even on a holiday abroad and the situation would be exactly the same. No Swiss race offers a collective accident cover. We reiterate therefore the responsibility of participants to verify the insurance coverage of a running accident.
- Be supportive members of the Rega has no relevance to this effect as the payment of a search and rescue operation is generally paid by the accident insurances of the rescued person, of any nationality may be. Often a small percentage of these costs is charged to the patient and the Rega, in this case, could decide to waive that ammount. Without an insurance that explicitly covers a recovery with helicopter, the costs fall entirely on the rescued person. Again, check your insurance policy or national laws governing such matters.




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